Thursday, August 27, 2020

Spill The Tea (WIP Short)

 Yes I'm slipping in an extra post today to do the blogbattle challenge in which the word this month is TEA. 

This is another part I just wrote in my WIP story. Hope you like it. 


I went down stairs and found my brother looking through his trunk in the living room.

I quietly watched him until he looked up at me. “What are you doing?” 

He sighed. “I’m looking for some old papers that I have somewhere around here.”

“Is that why you’ve been gone all day?” 

“So you noticed.” 

“Of course I noticed.” 

“I’ve been doing my research.”


He didn’t reply. I don’t think he wanted to spill the tea. Why? Now he was the one who was keeping secrets. I folded my arms. “Well I’ve been doing some research too.” 

He gave me a strange look and went back to digging. I shrugged my shoulders and let him look. Maybe he would tell me later. You never could tell a Jones to spit out what he didn’t want to share.

I felt hungry so I went looking for something to eat. Colter didn’t have much in his cupboards, though I found some chips and opened a bag. I munched on them thinking about my dilemma, if one of my teachers were involved than who? Why couldn’t I remember, and why did I keep having that strange dream, of the two talking, as if I had been listening in. It was almost like I was told that it had happened. The thought dawned on me, was that part of it? Why on earth could I not remember? 

It didn’t make any sense. Or maybe it did and I didn’t know how it made sense. I was feeling drained. A mystery was a lot easier when it was all in a book and not happening to my life. If only something new would surface that would prove useful. Someone had to spill the tea. Someone was hiding something, and I had to find out what. If it was one of my teachers or someone else in the school I had to find out. If it wouldn’t surface on it’s own I was going to have to dig it out, screaming and clawing, let's just hope I didn’t get too scared in the process. I shook my head. No matter what happened. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I was putting my brother in danger as well, maybe I had made a mistake. What had I done to get involved in the killing? How had I put us all in danger in the fist place? What could I have done differently? My brother came into the kitchen and eyed the chips that I had on the table. 

“Any left for me?’ 

I pushed over the bag and he took a hand full out. I studied my brother more, and could see he looked tired. What did he know? And why couldn’t he tell me? What was there to hide? Maybe he just didn’t know yet. Didn’t know how to tell me. 

“What are you cooking up in that head of yours?” Colter remarked. 

Tea. But no, I didn’t say it out loud, we all had too much cooking; it might all boil over, and that would be messy. Let’s just take this one step at a time.


Well, the story went a little longer this time. Hope you liked it. I did another short of the same WIP story, Wretched me short.

So you can check that one out if you haven't read it yet.

How did you like this short?

What do you think will happen next?

Tell me bellow!!!! 


  1. This is very intriguing! :)

  2. Intrigue continues Rakayle, mind you I did wonder if the chips he found were pre-cooked or oven ready... then it dawned on me you may be using a different language tint meaning crisps (our term lol).

    I like the way it almost feels like no real leads giving rise to overthinking... suspicions growing in all directions. Do they know something or am I fabricating logic paths that creates a yes they do subconscious certainty.

    Next months prompt should really help here!

    1. Oh, okay, yeah I say chips as in as you said crisps. Lol.

      Thanks! Yeah there isn't very many leads yet, so a lot of leads going in all directions. They know a little more than they are telling eachother. ;)

      Can't wait for the prompt!

  3. So many questions and so little time! I have no answers for the narrator, but have several to add.... I presume the research they referred to was some kind of background information that could cast light on the murder,and perhaps it was something on the teachers? I also loved the playing around with the words at the end, where Tea takes on so much more meaning than a simple beverage. Hope to find out more!

    1. Yes indeed so many questions.... A very good presumption!
      Thanks! Hope you come back for more! ;)

  4. Rakayle,
    You wrote it without spilling your tea. I am intrigued to find out the next short episode without stepping on the broken chips. I love it!


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