Sunday, July 7, 2019

Flash Fiction + Hiatus

Hi, it's been a crazy week. Fair feels so close and I have a lot to do. Anyway I wanted to share a flash fiction I wrote for a contest.

I didn't win. Though, I still think you will like it. It's kinda futuristic.

  The woods around me were dark, and I was cold. My tattered green jacket barely kept the cold air from seeping in. I kept squeezing my hands, trying to get some warmth back into them.  
    The moon was high, watching me through the trees, judging me most likely, what side could the moon be on? Surly it was neutral. I was not as lucky. 
   I moved through the trees. There was no way to know how far behind the trackers were. I had lost them at the gorge, but I was sure they wouldn’t be giving up soon. 
    They say I’m a traitor. Maybe I am. Maybe I don’t care. Maybe there is something more to life than taking orders; than watching the ones who hold all the power to make the rules. If I ever get out of here alive, maybe, just maybe I’ll try to stop them. Something I should have done a long time ago.
    The wound in my arm throbbed. Tree branches pulled at my face. My thoughts spun in the same web that they had been on since I lost the trackers.  How would I survive?
I was a traitor. They were going to catch me. They always catch traitors, and I was going to die. If I didn’t bandage my arm, I may not last long, but I couldn’t stop, they would catch me, I had to keep going. 
     The ground under me tilted, and for some reason I was falling. 
     My face greeted the ground even though my hand tried to stop me. Nothing was working properly. Was I falling apart? Is this what happens to traitors? Did I care? I tried, right? What else could I do? 
    I pushed up with my good hand. I felt dizzy. Did the trees always spin? I looked at my bloody arm. 
    “Your stupid, Flyn.” Hearing my own voice was strange. 
      I needed some water. I needed to take care of myself. I closed my eyes; the act brought tears. I forgot how swollen and cut they were. I had forgot the pain. It was coming back now, full of pins and daggers. In my bloody arm. In my right hand. In my face and cut lip. In my worn feet. The kick I was given in my knee. Thanks Colonel.  
   I opened my eyes, slowly. Letting the pain sink in. I was tired, too tired. 
  Some one, maybe the moon wasn’t smiling on me; they had no sympathy. Because what I heard next sent a shiver up my spine. 
   The low, quivering howl of a hunting dog. The trackers were good, too good. I might have let out a quiet moan, but no one would hear me cry, and I had to move on. If I could only find a place to hide, somewhere they wouldn’t find me.
    But they would. They were good. The dogs were the best. They would smell me out, and if I was lucky they would shoot me. Otherwise I would be taken back and made an example of, for other soldiers, who had traitorous thoughts. 
   A cold sweat came over me. I squeezed my hands, it hurt. Everything hurt. But when has that stopped me before? 
   There was no time. They were coming. I took a deep breath and rose to my knees, I ignored the pain and my cries and moved. The world made a turn and my hands clutched the leaves in front of me.
   I crawled. Hand over hand away from the bark of dogs. The forest floor rose in front of me and I keep going. I came to the top, my breath ragged. The dogs were no farther behind, maybe closer yet. I sighed. “Move--” I commanded myself. I wasn’t giving up yet. The hill went down now. 
   Balance failed me and I went rolling, like a tumbleweed. When I finally came to a stop, I didn’t move. Damp earth was in my nose and howls in my ears. I reached out to pull myself up and felt water. I jerked up in surprise. I couldn’t see much in the darkness, but a darker spot, told of water. I scooped up the water, sipping eagerly. It cooled my burning lips.  
  The moon was lower in the sky now and I knew that morning was on its way. My eyes darted in all directions looking for an escape. Wait, there. What is that? It was a flickering light. A campfire? Who would be camping out here?


It was very fun to write this. I have a second part. I might share at some point. 
Ok I'll get on to the second thing, I will be going on a hiatus for a few weeks. I will be back to post the next part of my Heinz mystery serial.  On the 25th. 
I will see you than!

What did you think of the flash fiction?
Got any big summer plans? 
Tell me below!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Soundtracks //// What I Have been Listening To

Hi ya! It's the forth of July today. Which means a lot of fireworks and fun. I decided on doing a simple post. Lately I have been listening to soundtracks... some great ones.

I love to listen to high paced soundtracks. Of course I love the full albums, but I'll just share one or two from the soundtracks.

The Mummy soundtrack

I know it sounds kind of scary. The music is good, and edgy. I have seen the movie once, a long time ago, it was scary...

The Adventures of Tinin soundtrack

Course I love the movie. The soundtrack is good I really enjoy it.

Star Wars soundtrack

I have been listening to most of the Star Wars soundtracks, they are all good. I like the old ones a lot, though.

Indiana Jones soundtrack

Love the movies, love the music.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl soundtrack

No, haven't seen the movie, but I like good fast music. Gets me in the writing mood.

The Avengers soundtrack

I have seen this avengers. And you know more pumped music. LOL.

I really like to listen to soundtracks while writing I find it gets me into writing... most of the time. 
Too slow of songs get me a little board so, fast songs is what I like. 

 Fave Soundtrack? 
Seen any of these movies?
Tell me bellow. Know any other good soundtracks? Share them with me.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

June Investigation

June is over. Wow how can it be over? I'm not ready...

I was very busy this month. Not a lot of major things happened, but it was a good month.

Went to Fort Union. Which I did a post on.

Got a lot of rain. Even had some flooding. Not too normal. We are normally dry country.

Started the library reading program. So I got three books read this month. All had a mystery to them. "The Lost Clue" 5 stars. "Dangerous Illusions" 4 stars. And " Fingerprints and Talking Bones" 5 stars. All good reads. I started reading a few others, but haven't got into them. I am on the limb of a reading dry spell.

Still working on the 100 for 100 challenge. The highest word count had been around 300. I have been trying not to burn out. If you want to know more about the story I am working on go here.

Entered a NASA art contest. My drawing above ^^^

Course my siblings entered too. Little brother Ez's drawing ^^^

My sister's drawing ^^^

My brother Job's drawing ^^^         Which do you like best?

More flowers are blooming. Went to some dog 4h meetings with Nala. Worked. Did assessments on our horses. Have been going to Monday night riding.  

I have been trying to get my 4H fair stuff planned. Boy am I slow. I need to get some knitting done, photography as well. I have my work cut out for me this July.

Things are so green! We got are cows moved. We moved them by trailer, so a lot of driving back and forth. It went well, though.

Had my graduation party. It was fun! Than the next week we had my little brother Ez's party. 

Today the 30th of June is my horse Rhubarbs birthday, he is 5! He is going good; we have come a long way since I first got him, 4 years ago.
It has been a good June. And yes it has finally warmed up so I can wear short sleeves! I am not sure how my July blogging schedule is going to be. I guess we will see how everything works out.

How was your June? 
Is it warm or rainy where you'er at? 
Tell me below. Have a good July!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Stamped Corona (part 6)

This is my 60th post! This month the word for the blogbattlers was Corona. And yes it was a hard word to use.

On to the next part.
Miss out? Here is the rest of the serial story:

Part 1 Flowers Have Mysteries 
Part 2 Loss and Madness 
Part 3 Mayhem at Dusk
Part 4 It Happened on the Night Shift
Part 5 Airtight Solutions

Words: 1000+

Stamped Corona

By Rakayle Hier

The morning was crisp, the scent of rain was strong. Heinz and Lane followed the almost deserted, wet streets; they were heading to Heinz's office. It was barely 6 o’clock and Lane was barely awake. Heinz had his plans and Lane had his confusion. Last night Heinz had given Lane the plan, it sounded airtight, but Lane didn’t really understand how it would work.

Lane wasn’t for sure if the empty streets made him nervous or not. At least Hank couldn’t hide in a crowd, but if he was in the shadows, no one was around to see him coming.  

Heinz of course seemed in no way worried about an ambush. “When did criminals stick to a meet up plan?” Lane asked, but noticed Heinz was a block ahead, he hurried to catch up.

They arrived at the building, the sign on the second floor window read:
The detective unlocked the door and went inside. Lane slipped in after. The detective was in a slippery mood. Lane felt like he was stepping on glass around him.

Detective Heinz went upstairs to his office and shut the door. Lane stood there for a while before walking off to his small room that had a desk and some filing cabinets.

Lane was dozing when the telephone rang. He jumped up from this chair knocking over his lamp. It fell over into some boxes beside the desk.

It rang again before Heinz picked it up. Lane got up and moved over to his open door. Who was calling? Lane went up to the detective’s door and tried to hear what he was saying.

“Yes. No… Okay I will be right over... Goodbye.”

Lane heard him shuffling inside, suddenly the door snapped open and Heinz was there. Lane jumped back startled, his heart was thudding a little too fast. “Eavesdropping Lane?”

“Uh, um, uh.”

Heinz twitched his nose. “That’s what I thought. Come on Lane I have business.” Heinz sneaked a smile as he turned away, letting the assistant follow still trying to recover.

Heinz waved for a taxi cab.

“Where are we going?” Lane asked, as they stepped inside the cab. It was roomy and smelled of tobacco. Heinz was not a smoker per say, but he made a habit of knowing the smells of different cigars or cigarettes even pipe tobacco had a different smell according to the brand.  

“We are heading to the wharf.”

“May I ask why? Or are you just fond of fish?” Lane asked wittily, with a straight face.

“I got a message from a -an- acquaintance. He gave me a tip and I’m quizzicle enough to check it out.”

They arrived at the wharf and Heinz got out, paid the driver, and started off. Lane hurried to keep up. “What is the hurry?”

Heinz didn’t reply, but continued walking, brushing past dock workers and travelers, on a dead strait course. They came to large warehouses and more work equipment, fewer people could be seen.

Suddenly Heinz ducked and went behind a building Lane speed up; his side was starting to hurt. Lane looked in all directions, Heinz had disappeared.


Heinz felt sorry for leaving Lane back there, well maybe not too sorry. It couldn’t be helped. Heinz knew his way around and soon was at the place his “aquatintace” had told him about.

It seemed very quiet. He turned and there was a man in ragged brown clothes. His floppy hat hid some of his scraggly features.

“Hello Brown.”

“Hello Heinz.”

“What did you want to show me?”

The informant waved his hand for the detective to follow. They circled an old warehouse and came up behind a covered stack of goods. This was the shipping, loading, and unloading area. They both peeked up. Men in dirty, blue overalls were unloading small boxes from a ship into a Ford Model A pickup.

Heinz paid close attention to the boxes. They were around 3ft by 2ft, they were wooden, and nailed together tightly. He looked for any markings. He noticed a stamping on the side. He couldn’t make out what it said, he needed to get closer. “How significant do you think this is?”

“All I heard was this shipment came last night, late. I heard some of the men say it was meant to be a quiet job, nothing to draw attention. I also heard that man ordering ‘them there boxes’ was not to be trifled with.”

“Okay Brown.” Heinz started creeping closer. He ducked behind a few barrels, and snuck up closer to the pickup. He waited until the next box was dropped off before looking inside the back of the pickup.

He could see the black lettering stamped plainly on the boxes. It read: THE SOUTH CROWN. CORONA AUSTRALIS.  A little tilted crown was stamped below the words.

What did it mean? What was corona?

Heinz sneaked back to where Brown had stayed. “Thanks for the tip, Brown.”

“See you around.”

Heinz nodded and started off back the way he came. He found Lane not far from where he disappeared on him.

“Heinz!” Lane looked flustered. “Where did you go?”

“That is not important; ‘where are we going next?’ that is what you should be asking.” Heinz started walking again. Lane walked after him. “Okay where are we going?”

They got another cab and headed off to the library.

“Heinz! What are you looking for?” Lane asked as he trailed after the detective who was looking through the bookshelves. “A book.”

“I can see that.”

“Ah, ha!” Heinz pulled out an encyclopedia. He found a chair and started flipping through the book. Lane sat across from him, waiting. “Here we go. Corona Ausralis and Corona Borealis are constellations meaning “crown or a garland”.”

“What does that mean?”

“I am not sure yet, Lane, but I am going to find out.”

Heinz put the book away and thoughtful paced the library floor before heading outside. Lane went after him beginning to feel like a sorry puppy. Heinz snapped his fingers. “I got it. I should ask Sam and Lester, they might have heard or saw the symbol before.  

He decided instead of taking a taxi he would walk, after all the youngsters would most likely running about. Maybe they had found more on the mystery. Heinz turned and walked up the next street. He looked at the buildings and tried to not be too annoyed that Lane had to keep following. He was tempted to lose him.

Suddenly Heinz saw it.

The dark sign on the wall was unmistakable It was Corona Ausralis the same crown constellation he had seen on the package. What were those packages for and what did it have to do with this opera house?

What is this new clue? And what does the opera have to do with it? Is the mystery winding down or is there more things that Heinz has to uncover?
I would also like to say this Thursday I will not be posting. Just taking a little break from blogging. I will be back next Sunday though, to rap up this month.

Do you have any theories?
Do you think Heinz is close?
Tell me below! 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

My Summer Lookbook (with a little bit of vintage)

I have seen some lookbooks on YouTube and thought it would be cool to do a lookbook on my blog.

I like dressing vintage so you will get some vintage looks as well as a mix of modern outfits. This should be fun. I hope you get some up ideas for your own summer shopping or outfit matching.

First outfit...

I kinda went with a 40's look. I'm not really a pro at the exact look, but it is fun to get smoothing close that is still easy to wear. 

Shirt from Walmart. 

Shoes, maybe Jcpenny. 

Skirt came from Thread Up. An online thrift store. 

Black purse was a gift. 

Second outfit....

Rainy summer days? This is a fun look. 

Got the rain jacket from Walmart.

Shoes you can find on Amazon. They are awesome cowboy rain boots!  Leggings also from walmart.

Third outfit....

I think this is my favorite. I was looking for a some what of a adventure 30's look.

Vest and shirt were from thrift stores. 

Boots and pants from Jcpenny.

Fourth outfit....

Here I was going for a 60's or 70's look. 

Skirt I made myself. Headband from Walmart.

Shoes from Jcpenny. I think. 

Shirt I got from a thrift store.

Fifth outfit.....

 I was in a rush to get this one together. I would say I have a little 70's in this outfit.

Top was a gift. 

 Skirt from Jcpenny.

 Shoes I got from thrift store. I also forgot to get a pic of them up close.

Sixth outfit....

I was going for a 50's look. 

Shirt thrift. Shorts from Jcpenny. I think you might be seeing a pattern...

Shoes I think Shopco or Jcpenny. 

I hope you liked this. And maybe got some ideas for summer fashion. If you have anymore questions about the outfits or makeup ask in the comments. I would love to tell you more.

Which was your favorite outfit?
What do you like to wear in the summer?
 Do you like lookbooks?
Tell me below.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Father's Day Trip

Today is father's day, but on Thursday the 13th we went to Fort Union. I haven't been there in a few years. I was so happy to go. It was kind of a fathers day out.

I wanted to take my historical riding outfit I made and wear it. So I did. 

My sister is learning to drive so, she drove us.

There it is. There are Indian tents out front there. They always have some stuff for sale. 

The sign.

My sister wore her prairie dress. 

Coming into the fort.

Selfie in front of the historical main house in the fort. 

This is inside one of the towers.

I got quite a few complements on my outfit. There are other people that dress up, who are putting on the activities. I wasn't apart of that, but I am sure some people thought I was. I got a few people who wanted to take pictures with me. It was very cool! 

Me in my outfit on top of the walk way. 

More exploring. Dad is in the green shirt. Mom is in the blue dress ;my brothers are in gray shirts, and my sister is in the pink dress. 

It was hot to wear my outfit, but I had a lot of fun. It was worth it. 
It is father's day today! I would like to say that my dad is the best! He takes us to 4h stuff. He always wants the best for me. He is a great listener. Happy Fathers DAY! 

Are you going to do anything for father's day?
Have you ever been to a historical site?
Tell me below. 

Flash Fiction + Hiatus

Hi, it's been a crazy week. Fair feels so close and I have a lot to do. Anyway I wanted to share a flash fiction I wrote for a contest. ...