Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 2020 Investigation

March has been a bit crazy....

From being in Florida than coming come home, to getting use to everything back home... To other crazy things in the world.

I've started playing some solitaire. It's a lot of fun. 

Yep you know came home from Florida.

Been working one my splits, though I kinda fell like I go back and forth between getting better and not.

I'm very much enjoying bullet journaling. I had to do a star wars theme this month.

My sister's cat had some more kittens.

Working with my horses. Me and Solo ^

I haven't been reading a lot this month. I've been wanting to learn French so I have been working on that. I did read a Tintin graphic novel. It was really good.
Writing has been so slow.... I am wanting to get some short stories written, but all my writing ideas are just not working, oh well. I will get this done.

I started my sewing a little bit and have started planning a lot of my blog post. Let me know if you want some travel tip posts or fashion pots in April. Or maybe some horse posts. Let me know!

Also the writing contest is off. There was no winner, because of so few of entries. 

How is your stories going? 
How was your month?
Tell me below. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

My Week In Florida (Part 2)

On too the next part....

Here is some more of my trip.  plus a few more pictures from Disney park.

We spent about 7 days in Pompano Beach. A few days were cold so we didn't go to the beach, so we went to an museum one day.

And also to a few shops other days. I got a few things. Not a lot because we didn't have a lot of room, to take things back.

March 1st I got to go to a ballet show. It had a few different dances. The Firebird was the main dance.

It was very cool!

 Later a few days after some of the other things we did I went to a ballet class. I really enjoyed it. 

We went to an everglades park and saw quite a few alligators. Some of them where very close to the trail. 

We saw a lot of turtles.

A bunch of baby alligators. They are so cute!

They day before we left Florida we went to the Ron Johns shop in Cocoa beach.

^ a very neat set of holes....

March 5th we flew out and got back to Denver around midnight.

We spent the night at Denver before driving home the next morning... All our animals were happy to see us.

Have you ever seen an alligator up close?
Have you ever watched a live show?
Tell me bellow!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

My Week in Florida

I'm back from Florida, well it's been a few weeks... but here we go you can see what happened. There will be a part two, cuz, too many photos.

I flew to Florida at midnight and I got to Florida 6 in the morning. That day we mostly laid around after we go to our hotel in Kissimee Florida which is near Orlando where we flew into. Our cousins where at the same hotel so we got to visit them.

The next day we all went to Disney World!

My brother in the Millennium Falcon waiting for the ride. Where we flew in the star ship.

We got to walk threw Galaxy's Edge. Very cool looking.

This was the ATAT ^ near the Star Tours ride.

We got to watch a Indiana Jones stunt show.

I really enjoyed that so much! it was so cool!

We where in Hollywood Studios, we figured that was the best park to go to. We got to go on all the big rides which was great. 

The next day we went down to our place we where staying at Pompano Beach. Than on Sunday our cousins came down and we went to the beach together.

One of the hair styles I did that was a lot of fun. It's a very easy hair style to do. If your don't recognize it, it's Ray's hair style from the Force Awakens.

My sister tried surfing.

Fun beach picture.

Yummy yogurt ice cream from Menchies.

Went to a fiddlers shop. And my sister tried a few out violins.
Stay tuned for the next part.

What do you like to do on vacation?
Have you ever been to Florida?

Tell me bellow!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Extended Six Word Story Contest

Ok every one, I'm a little late with getting this together, but I'm going to extended the deadline for the six word contest, I did not get enough entries.

Here is the link to the rules:

So here we go again. Please enter. Deadline is the 27th of March. Will be announcing the winners on the 29th.

Here is a link to the form:

Or enter here

Will you enter?
There are some fun prizes!
Be sure to have fun!!!


Sunday, March 1, 2020

February 2020 Investigation

February is kinda split between being at home and going on a trip to being at the trip.

Much of February I was doing some packing and planning for the trip and taking care of horses.

We had an interesting happening the first day of the month, at our neighbors house a ups truck slid into the car that was sitting there. We didn't get close, but we kinda watched what was going on; guessing on what had happened.

I read not a lot, I started a book, but haven't finished it.  I get busy reading blogs...

I wrote a bit, which I got more done. I have crazy writers block with my story. I'm hoping to get a short story written, but I've been slow.  
On writing don't forget to enter the six word story writing contest!!!!!!!!!!! Ends tonight or at least by morning on the 2nd.

Got solo out with the other hoses. He is not in this picture, cuz , you know, I didn't get a picture when he was with them. He was out with them for a week before we left for trip. 

Kitties! ^
Went ice skating and ended up racing, also crashing.... which is kinda funny now. It was a bit of a seine at ice rink. I didn't get hurt...We where all's good. 

Got to Florida on the 17th. After driving to Denver and got on a plane to Florida at one in the morning. Arrived by 6 Florida time.

Disney World! We went to Hollywood studios! The lines were long, but we got to go on about all the big rides.  

We meet up with these lovely people. Well, our cousins and Aunt and Uncle. We had lots of fun.
In the pic above we are waiting for some dinosaur ice cream. Very tasty on a hot day. I will be writing more on the adventures soon.

Fun at the beach! We had one day on the beach with our cousins. We did some skim boarding and yes got sunburned. The had to leave that Monday while we are staying longer.
We have been going to the beach every day. Some days have been cooler. But we had a nice hot day on the 26th and I did a lot of body boarding.

How was your month? 
Have you been to a Disney Park?
Tell me bellow!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Six Word Story Writing Contest

I have a very fun idea! I will be in Florida at this time and I though I wanted to do a writing contest. I mean they are so fun write? lol

So here we go.

I want you all to have fun. Play around with your six word story. Do try to make the words count and don't go over. Do count the words before you send the story in.

Deadline is March 1st

For a challenge lets go with a mystery theme.

Now for the judging, I will be judging them but I will not know who's story is who's, my sister will make sure each story has a number, after I have chosen which I like she will tell me who's story it is and it will be announced. Please note if you win and are under 18 please ask your parents permission before giving an address, if you want the prize.

I will be emailing the winner and will announce it on March 8th after judging.

The prize will be of the winners choice, a post card from either Montana or Florida or a little souvenir around the same value from either state.

If I get enough entries we may have two winners.

Are you going to enter?
Have you ever wrote a six word story?

Tell me below!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

My Favorite Youtubers

Yeah here we go with another favorite post. But that is what happens when you pick a post at the last minuet one time and have another one planned. My blogging hasn't been very organized lately.

I like to watch a lot of different videos but I have a few favorite youtubers that I really love to watch. I watch every video that comes out. Now in my list I don't have a few of youtubers that I love a lot but, they are more workout videos, and stuff so I might do another post on that some time.


Rachel Maksy

I love this channel! There is lots of vintage fashion, lots of fun cosplay stuff. I like all the stuff Rachel does. It's just a lot of fun to watch. Some videos have a bit of language. Not the video above though.


Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey are so fun! They do challenges, play pranks, and have lots of fun videos. I really enjoy seeing what they do. Full clean fun.


Jordan Matter

I really like to watch Jordan Matter. He is such a great photographer. He is really inspiring and a lot of the stuff he does in so crazy, you just got to watch it. Very minimal language. 

Michelle Khar 

Michelle is always doing crazy challenges. But you learn quite a bit about so many things. She has some great info. No language. 


JK Studios

If you didn't know the actors from the channel Studio C, moved over to their own channel. Course I love all the actors so I love their sketches and episodes they do on JK Studios. Super clean. This one I really like. ^

Kamri Noel 

Sister of Brooklyn and Bailey. Kamri has some super fun stuff. This is a really fun video, Kamri is crazy. Clean youtube videos.

***on another note I'm going to be on a trip this coming week, so I might be slow on replying. Otherwise nothing is changing. Stay tuned, fun posts are coming....

What are your favorite youtubers?
Have you seen any of these youtubers? 
Tell me below!

March 2020 Investigation

March has been a bit crazy.... From being in Florida than coming come home, to getting use to everything back home... To other crazy th...