Thursday, January 17, 2019

My WIP // West Rover

Hay every one, today I am excited to share a little about my WIP.

I got this idea after watching the movie Nim's Island in 2015. West Rover became my main characters name. He was a cross between Indiana Jones and Alex Rover in the movie Nim's Island. I starting  writing it in March but I didn't do a lot of work on it for a while, although it was always on my mind. Finally this last year I started writing this story and haven't stopped. I first started writing it for the 100 for 100 challenge. That was in May. I am still writing it; though I am getting close to the end. I hope to finish it before February but I don't know if that will happen. I have been slacking off lately.

My story, The Adventures of West Rover, Siding with the Enemy. I plan to make it a series.

This story is set in the 50's but they are on an island so there isn't much to hair styles and such. I about had a big problem with pictures because of the fact than the characters didn't have 50's hair styles. But in the collage above they do have that style. 

I write in a note book, the story has taken two notebooks so far; it might be going on to a third. 

Here is the intro...

It swings in the midst of a dangerous fall,
What a rickety thing it might hit the wall,
unless you can fly,
You better go by and by.

West Rover has a mission: go to the island, find the book, and bring it back. but nothing in life is that easy. West Rover finds himself caught by natives and soon to be a sacrifice, but an old acquaintance Ace Cutter intervenes, and he isn't doing it for a thank you. He is after the treasure, the book (written long ago by an explorer) leads to by riddles. Cutter needs West's help to decipher the riddles, and West doesn't have much of a choice.
The jungle thickens and more troubles arise. Questions are presented, are riches evil? Does God exists?
West has choice to make, that will be the difference between life and death.  

Here today you can meet some of the Characters.

West Rover the main character and hero of course. He wears a brown leather jacket and long brimmed fedora.He caries around with him a bull whip and two revolvers; they get taken away from him in the story. He has blue eyes and blond, brown hair. In the jungle he has his hair wavy. West is just coming for the book (which is journal that was left in the jungle) to take it back to a rich man who wants the book. In the states West is an archeologist professor, who is more into adventure then teaching. He has a temper that gets him into trouble. 

Ace Cutter the enemy. He wants the treasure (a crown) and is willing to do anything to get it. He wears a long black coat and a brown hat. It is not in the picture. He has plenty of fire arms along with his Hench men to keep West in line. He has brown eyes, blond hair, and a commanding attitude. 

Indigo works with Ace; he is a mysterious boy to West, who looks to be from Arabia. He packs a rifle and  knives are stuffed in his rugged boots. His job is to keep an eye on West. Emmit is Indigo's pet pine martin. This little creature climbs around, causes trouble, and helps out as well. They make a threatening team. West is determined to make friends with them. 

Snips from the book.

"Cutter," West said under his breath, "run!" Cutter look at him. "What?"
West gave him a serious stare. Cutter moved just as an arrow thudded into the rocks, splitting in half. 

As West walked along he flipped through the book, stopping at his mark. West saw that the page was ripped out. He stopped in his tracks. It was gone, it was there before, so it must have been recently torn out. But who? And why?

West rubbed his head a big lump was forming. What did Cutting hit him with? And where was the devil?

"Do you have a plan West?" 
"I may... if you give me my whip."
Cutter paused before saying, "Nice try, West."
"This isn't some swindle Cutter."
"I've heard what you can do with the whip," Cutter remarked.

➤Some of the snips may change after editing. 

This picture above is some of my sketches inspired by my story. 
I hope to do another post at some point about my WIP. There may be some more collages and maybe some music.

*Disclaimer some pictures for the collages were found on Pinterest or the Internet. 

What do you think of this story?
Do you like adventure books?
Tell me below. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Book Review: The Giant Killer

This was the first book I finished this year. I haven't had a lot of time to read but this one I went though in a few days. I  loved it! It is a rare book, I first heard the audio drama.. Which is epic! if you have ever heard of Lamplighter Theater you know they have great dramas and awesome stories.

It took me a while to find this book. I got the book on on amazon. Not form Lamplighter because the books are expensive. And I really don't want to spend twenty doors. This is a cheep version with typos but it didn't mater it was such a neat story.

The Review

This is about a battle, this is an allegory, this is about children and a story that changes how they look at themselves. A internal war that they take to the heart and it changes everything.

The Good things

I love most everything about this story; it's so inspiring. There are illustrations through out the book. I always love illustrations in books, I wish there where more books with illustrations.

The real life mood to it all. The children are sweet and so real; what we all do when we do not like all someone else or have a problem. Even maybe with our siblings. This fight is real and this book brings it to light.

The other part of this story is about Knight Fides who must battle the giants of Hate, Selfishness, and more. He must battle these giants for the King on his journey. When his fight is complete he will go to the city Beautiful. It  is all very interesting!

The Bad things

I can't really that there is too many bad things about this story. Besides typos. This old book written in the 1830's is very easy to read. Some parts where slow and I wished there was more about Fides and his battles. There is a second book called The Battle so maybe there will be some more giants in the next one.

The author Charlotte Maria Tucker wrote under the pseudonym AOLE (a Lady of England).
So you might find her stories under either name. 

 Five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Do you like allegories?
Have you ever listened to an audio drama?
Tell me below.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

How to Dye Your Hair with Kool Aid

OK, here we are I got everything together and dyed my hair again for this tutorial. Hope you enjoy.

 Ever wanted to dye the tips of your hair a different color like blue or pink? Well doing it with Kool-Aid is cheap and easy. Plus there is no chemicals, so there is no hair damage. Just don't use sugar or it will make your hair sticky.

First of all you need to get your supplies, or be like me and wing it using whatever you have at home.

You need: The color of Kool-aid you want your hair to be dyed. I used two packets because someone else used that many and I wanted the color to be bright. I picked light pink again I was going to do blue but we didn't have enough packets of Kool aid.
Next get a brush or comb, a cup or mug, hair bands, and paper towels or a towel, whatever you have. The kool-aid might stain your shirt so ware a old one. You can also get some rubber gloves and put them on; I didn't cuz I didn't have any and did not mind if my fingers got a little pink.

Boil your water than pour it into your mug.

Add the Kool-aid to the hot water. I let the water cool slightly tell it didn't feel burning hot.

This was before I dyed my hair about a month after I dyed it pink the first time.
There is still a slight hint of pink but not much.

You can put your hair in pig tails or a braid last time I did a braid this time I did pony tails.

Once you have decided the color, you can dip your hair in the mug.

 I dunked my hair up in down in the hot water.

Not sure how long but once you see the color in the hair. It will look less colorful when it is wet. the cooler the water gets the less it will be dying your hair.

Use a paper towel to dry off your hair a little bit.

You can brush it out when it is about dry.

And there you have it, the finish look.

If you want to see what my hair looked like the first time I dyed it go HERE.

DO you want to try to dye your hair?
What color do you want to try?
Have you ever did it before?
Tell me below...i'm always interested in hearing from you all.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Starting...My Sewing Project.

This post is a little late because the Internet... is ... so... slow... But here we are, I am starting to get things together to start sewing my outfit.

It is a little scary and I am trying to plan how best to go about getting started. I'm sewing with Velvet. I have never sewn with velvet so this will be new to me. It is pretty green velvet!

I collected all the things I needed and began to figure out which way I wanted the pile of the velvet to go. →→→Watched and read lots of stuff trying to figure out what I needed to do :).

I started cutting out the the pattern I am sewing the middle jacket in the picture.

Once I got that done it had to decided which size I wanted; sewing patterns have different sizes than clothing you get in the store.

Picking what side I wanted the pile to go. Marking it with chalk.

All my stuff. Sizes patterns lining, underlining, measure, needles, fabric, and rotary cuter. 

After making the jacket I will be making the flowing skirt in this pattern to match the jacket. 

The final outfit is going to be like a 1770s or 1870s ridding habit. You can look at some of the ideas of what it will look like once complete at my Pinterest board here and here... if you want to learn about sewing with velvet ask me or go here.

NOW I am all done cutting out my jacket pattern and have decided to cut out all my lining and use that as reference to cut out the peaces that have to be on the folded line; because with velvet you can't half the fabric you have to cut each peace individually.

Sooo... I hope you will come with me on this sewing journey and maybe learn something or get something you could use for a story. Whatever it is, thanks for reading.

*all pictures are mine please ask if you want to use them. 

Have you ever sewn with velvet? Would you like to?
Do you like historical clothing? 
Tell me below....

Thursday, January 3, 2019

What a writer can learn from O. Henry's works

O. Henry wrote a lot of short stories some of them are really interesting and have great surprise endings.  Being a writer I see how well his writing is and try to understand what words he uses and how he goes about making the story come alive.

As writers, we seek to accomplish this. All his stories as different. He has wrote a lot, I mean a lot, of short stories. Some start in second person (you did this) some times he writes in fist ( I did this) and also third person ( he did it). So whether you write in one of the persons or want to try something new all this stories give great perspective no mater which person he uses. I really enjoy his stories.

Image result for o henry short stories

Some of his stories I have read:

⇨ The Ransom of Little Red Chief

⇨The Green Door

⇨The Gift of the Magi


⇨The Skylight Room

⇨Man About Town

⇨The Cop and the Anthem

⇨From the Cabby's Seat

⇨Between Rounds

⇨The Detective Detector

⇨A Retrieved Reformation

There are a lot more stories I haven't read yet but I plan to soon. They are easy short reads. Some have detectives, some have mystery and some have renegades and thieves.
He has intriguing beginnings and decryption that makes the stories more life like.

Here are some examples....

"Woman!" said Mr. McCaskey dashing his coat and hat upon a chair, "the noise of ye is an insult to me appetite. When you run down the politeness ye take the mortar from between the bricks of the foundation of society. 'Tis no more exercisin' the acrimony of a gentleman when ye ask the dissent of ladies blockin' the way for steppin' between them. Will ye bring the pig's face of ye out of the windy and see to the food?"
Mrs. McCaskey arose heavily and went to the stove. There was something in her manner that warned Mr. McCaskey. When the corners of her mouth went down suddenly like a barometer it usually foretold a fall of crockery and tinware. 
"Pig's face, it is?" said Mrs. McCaskey, and hurled a stewpan full of bacon and turnips at her lord. 
* from the story "Between Rounds".
In this part I like how O. Henry used the word "dashing his coat and hat" and, makes the argument and fight realistic.

It looked like a good thing: but wait till I tell you. We were down South, in Alabama- Bill Driscoll and myself- when the kidnapping idea stuck us. It was, as Bill afterwords expressed it, "during a moment of temporary mental apparition."; but we didn't find that out till later.
Just then we heard a kind of  war-whoop, such as David might have emitted when he knocked out the champion Goliath. It was a sling that Red Chief had pulled out of his pocket , and he was whirling it around  his head. 
I dodged, and heard a heavy thud and a kind of sigh, like a horse gives our when you take his saddle off. A rock the size of an egg had caught Bill just behind the his left ear. He loosened himself all over and fell in the fire across the across the the frying pan of hot water for washing the dishes. I dragged him out and poured cold water on his head for a half an hour. 
* from the story "The Ransom of Red Chief".
This story is so fun. The starting is intriguing. And you know they say to use 'like for something else' he dose it very effectively.

That would be adventure. Would you except it? Not you. 

True adventurers have never been plentifully. They who are set down in print as such have mostly been business mans with newly invented methods They have been out after the things they wanted-- golden fleeces, holy grails, lady loves, treasure, crowns, and fates. 
* from the story "The Green Door".
This one has an alluring beginning talking about adventure with some second person in there.

To conclude I think O. Henry's short stories are a great writers tool to study and learn from. I hope you read some of his stories.
Have you read any of O. Henry's stories?
If so which ones did you like?
What stories do you like to study?
Tell me below. 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Poem and Pictures

Last post of the year. Hope everyone had a good year and is ready for the new year!

Today I'm going to share the deleted parts of a poem I entered into a contest. I had to shorten the poem and it turned into a poem of it's own. So I hope you enjoy, I will be sure to tell you if I get into the winnings.

To Keep the Secret

The secret in the book shelf,
Is the books on the shelf,
And if there was no writer,
There would be no bookshelf.

For unless you find the secret,
A book for all to read,

Than the hidden story,
that has no name,
Will stay forever hidden;
And the mystery to be discovered,
Will never be uncovered.

Books must be created,
From the mystery at hand,
And once you discover it,

Your sure to understand.

I also wanted to share some photos with you.

I dyed my hair with Kool Aid. I have wanted to do it for a while and finally got to do it. I thought it turned out pretty good. If any one wants me to to do a tutorial, please tell me so. If you would rather watch a video there are lots on YouTube.

The color has lasted almost a week. Washed it once with shampoo and it was still in. So it lasts a nice amount of time, without being too long.

Took a funny picture with my throwing Knives. Be scared. 

My horse Rhubarb eating hay.

Here is the picture of the dress I made.

Took me about to months to make because I didn't get around to sewing a lot, but finally it is done.

It has a peter pan collar, 8 buttons and hidden pockets.

More pictures... This first one is a little weird, but i kinda like it. It's so mysterious. 

 Cake my mom made it was good.   

I had fun playing around with black and white.

I only finished one book this month even if I started reading a few. I read some short stories by O. Henry, they were very good.

This next year I hope to do more fun posts, I want to do some code posts, some detective stuff, spy stuff, more book stuff. Lots of my sewing. I want to share more about my books. I am working on some short stories so I hope to share them on this blog. So lots of fun stuff. I hope you stick around and join me on this adventure!!! Lets solve some mysteries!

I love taking pictures of fire works! This if from a camp we went to in September. Here is to a New Year!

Are you planning anything for the New Year?
What kind of pictures do you like to take?
Have any posts ideas you would like me to do? What do you want to see more of?
Talk to me. Tell me below.

My WIP // West Rover

Hay every one, today I am excited to share a little about my WIP. I got this idea after watching the movie Nim's Island in 2015. We...