Friday, July 2, 2021

June 2021 Investigation

 June, is one of my favorite parts of the year. 

June I've been busy, sewing, flying, horse stuff, writing, and all that good stuff. 

For father's day we went to a fly in, and we got to sit in in a P51 mustang. Very cool! 

Me in the plane
Inside the plane

On a side note, I've been flying most mornings, and I'm finally landing by myself, it's so exciting!!! It's wonderful to see hard work pay off. 

I read 2 books this month. 
Greenglass House... Super good, so recommend. It is like a mystery, about the house and the strangers that come to stay there..
Also read the first book in the Enola Holmes series, Very good, interesting, though not much mystery... 

Rhubarb had a birthday He is now 7 years old. It's so crazy. Seems like he was just 4. 

All the ponies...
I haven't been doing a ton of training, in the mornings I have been flying a lot so it gets too hot too soon, to comeback and train. 

My brother had a birthday. He is now 12, boy, can't remember his age, but I got it right.. 

I've been writing, or rather editing my adventure book. It's been going okay, I'm not dropping out of a 100 for 100 GTW challenge, so I've been plowing through. 

Dressed up.. This first one is an outfit I made, If you want one like it, message me and I'll make one for you. I'm trying to get back to my sewing business. I don't have the exact fabric as shown, but there is all kinds to pick from/ 

Looking 40s. 

Just another note If you ever want some outfit that you can't find to buy, I might be able to make it for you, maybe even really reasonable. 

I'm trying to keep up with blogging.. I have't been super motivated. If you want to see a post, give me the idea. 

How was your month?

What style do you want to dress like?

Comment bellow!!! 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

May 2021 Investigion

 It's been an interesting month. 

I've had ups and down's this month, I worked a lot. It's feeling more and more like summer.

Solo turned 2 years old on the 24th. 

My brother had a birthday party on the first of May, it was fun, and we got to visit with friends. 

I dressed up as a book character in the book Calculated By Nova Mcbee for a cosplay contest on Instagram, it was fun and I won 3ed place. 

We got some snow. We needed the moister. we have gotten some rain too, it's been good making everything greener.

Started doing some more flying training with my dad. 

I read 3 books, I listened to the Looking Glass Wars, a Alice in Wonderland retelling, I enjoyed it once I got into it a little. The Case for Christ, 5 out of 5 recommend. I also listened to a book called Ghost Knight by Corneal Flunk, she wrote the Inkheart books, which I really liked. It was an okay, book, different to what I would normally read, with ghosts and stuff. Wasn't too scary its for middle grade, so yeah.  

Working on my sewing a little, I need to get it done. You will see it once I'm done. 

Baby cows are born. 
Started Go Teen Writer's 100 for 100 writing challenge for the summer. I'm going to start editing my West Rover, book, It's an adventure book. I've done some post's on here about it before. 

School let out on the 28th so I'm free for the summer. I hope to get more horse training in and sewing. 

We had our branding on the 31st, so that was good, It was a warm day though. I'm ready for summer!

How was May for you?
What did you read?
Have you been writing any?

Tell me in the comments! 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

April 2021 Investigation

 hi ho another month went by 

My photos started working again on blogger which makes me so happy! I'll be hoping to posting more this summer, I've just been busy and unmotivated. 

My horses are shedding and Solo is looking so white. 

Me and Nala so hard to get a picture with her lol. 

Solo is getting bigger, and I've been trying to get training in with him, but I feel like I'm failing right now. I'm working 4 or 5 days a week and only get a bit done one or two days a week. Really want to be doing 6 days of horse work, ug. 

Been thinking hard about what I'm going to be doing for work at a school next year, so not sure. Just don't know what to do, also thinking about maybe going to collage for it? I don't know.

Been listening to lots of audio books on the way to work. I think 3 books, Bloom by Kenneth Oppel, 3 star for me, not my favorite of his books. Also Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamleton, really liked it, 5 star. I read 
33 A.D (the second book) by Ted Dekker 4 star. 

Keeping up with ballet and stretching, stretching is not making much progress, be sure, I will tell you when I get them. Dancing has improved, but I haven't been feeling pretty for elegant and really wished I was a lot better. 

Had a fun picture day, April 30th actually. Day after my brother's 16th birthday, going to have a party for him in May. 
I'm so ready for summer. I'm on instagram If ya want to see more pics, @rahwrite 

How was your April?
Are you ready for summer? 

Let me know bellow ..

Thursday, April 15, 2021

March 2021 Investiagion

 March went by fast. 

Not a whole lot happened, but I have a lot planned for April.

Been working. Going to substitute teach, it's been going very well. I'm on spring break at the moment which is nice. 

On the way to work, I've been listening to audio books, I've read one book this month, Rebels Of the Sand. It was good. Lot's of bad words which I didn't like so much. 

Have been doing a little with my horses, working 4 days a week keeps me busy though. The weather has been crazy, too, like so windy, doing things with horses is not fun. 

I started some more sewing projects, I'm making a corset and making a fun jedi outfit. You'll see pictures at some point, I'm sure. 

I'm planning to change my hair color soon, is you want to see updates, I'll most likely have it up on my Instagram @rahwrite 

I'm so ready for summer. I have lot's of sewing planned, I'm hoping maybe to start doing more youtube 
videos, we will see how it works out. 

Also for some reason I can't upload photos off my computer onto blogger right now. It's been so frustrating, I love putting pictures on. 

How was your March?

What are your plans for April? 

Let's talk! 

Friday, March 19, 2021

February 2021 Investigation

 It's been a crazy month. If you follow my Instagram you might have seen what's been going on a little. But here is my post.

And yes this post is so late!

Yep about the middle of February we headed to Florida. Had a crazy time getting down there. It was a cold at home about the time we wanted to leave. 

A swim skirt I made for Mom.  

I haven't done much with my sewing business, but if you want a skirt like this let me know. 

I finished reading two books. Boy Crazy by Tiffany Dawn and 30 A.D. by Ted Dekker

One was an audio book, but both good!

Watching a kid surf. 
Went to the beach most days, had a few rainy days.

In Cocoa Beach went to the Tiny Turtle for supper twice. It was good food.

Didn't do any writing in Feb, couldn't take much with me to FL, a bit sad. But all you need is nice days there.

I also got  pointe shoes fitted. It was interesting, I might do a post later on how things are working out, with pointe shoes. 

Went jet skiing. first time, it was so cool. 

Met up with our cousins down there and went to the beach a lot with them.

Went to play tennis once and got a free lesson.

It was a bit of a mask patrol down there, kinda sad really. In the part of fl we went too,. We just don't like wearing masks. 

the girl cousins in Florida with me and my sister 

here we are with surf boards.

Yep, I tried surf boarding, I did get up a few times. It's a lot of work, very fun though. I have a few bruises on my hip bones from getting up on the board. Also was a bit sore.

The gang. 

How was your February?

Have you been to Florida?

Let me know! 

June 2021 Investigation

 June, is one of my favorite parts of the year.  June I've been busy, sewing, flying, horse stuff, writing, and all that good stuff.  Fo...