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A Stable Connection (part 7)

Hi I am back! And with a story... Again the word came from blogbattlers this month's word is Stable.

Hope you enjoy this part. If your behind catch up.

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A Stable Connection 

By Rakayle Hier

Words 955

I could totally see why the Chief wanted me to keep tabs on Heinz.
Some of his methods were a little outside the law. And he was more than a little hard to get along with. 

Maybe if I was smarter I would turn back, but alas I did not. 

The opera was closed, or so the sign said. Heinz didn’t let that stop him from finding a way inside.

He found a way in alright, in through the second story window.How did I ever let him talk me into

The baker’s shop was alongside the opera house and it was easy to get into. The windows were
nearly even with each other. 

Heinz had already made it across and was waiting for me on the other side of the gap.  I was out
the window, on the ledge, which didn’t feel stable at all. Heinz had made it look easy.

This was not easy, this was madding!   

I held onto the window just as Heinz had. I looked behind me to see the detective watching me.
No concern was evident on his face. Of course, I had no idea what he was thinking; he was
like that, hard to read. 

“Heinz this is madness.”

“No, it is defying the odds. Now come on Lane, stretch your leg across.”

I felt my stomach roll, but I was almost more afraid to turn back. I did as Heinz instructed and made
it across, into the other window without falling to my death.  

Inside the quiet opera house I looked around; It felt as if I was tramping into some forgotten
place which was meant to be left alone. Heinz had no such disquiet. 

He walked forward eyeing the dusty drapes and boxes. It was at one time a dressing room, now it
looked like a storage room.  I noticed Heinz’s feet leaving prints in the dust. After a deep exhale,
I followed him not as excited to be trespassing, especially in this a place.

It was like someone was watching me, and they knew I was an officer, and how frowned upon this
was. I told myself it was all in my head, but it didn’t make me less jittery. 

Suddenly something flapped in my face. I jumped back. Oh, It was just a curtain. I coughed as the
dust few through the air. A dirty curtain. I turned to see Heinz heading down some stairs.
I quickened my pace. Heading down the wood steps after the fleeing sleuth.

I stayed quiet. It was hard not to. The place was dead. Did anyone even work here anymore?
It was completely empty. I stepped on a creaky board. Heinz looked back at me.


I shrugged.  I didn’t do anything. I tried to tell him with a facial expression not wanting to get
another ‘shush’. He just gave me a strange look and continued on.  We got down the steps and
came onto the stage. A red curtains were opened up, revealing the red seats facing the stage.
I felt high up, like I was the center of attention, and was not supposed to be here.

Heinz showed no shyness, but continued across the stage to the left. Suddenly a knock came
to the front door. We both froze. It came again. A thud and steps, footsteps. Heinz moved.
So did I. We slipped into a side door, finding ourselves in a storage type mudroom. 

Heinz looked out. I squeezed under him to look through the crack in the door.  A man in a robe
hurried up to the door. He opened the door. 

“Can I help you gentlemen?” 

“Yes, um, we got a report of a disturbance. May we look around inside?” I couldn’t see the
speaker.  I wondered what disturbance? Not us. “Someone didn’t see us, did they?” I whispered. 

“No, too soon. It’s something else. I wonder what? How interesting.” 

“What’s interesting?” 


I looked out again to see two officers step inside. It was Sergeant McClain and Private Jock.
I’d hate to be caught by the officers I knew, and who knew me. I’m sure Chief would be very
upset to hear of the event. 

I watch them walk down an aisle between the seats followed by the guy in the housecoat.
He was quiet looking, yet his eyes were attentive. He had dark hair messy that strayed. He was
tall and thin, yet he looked like he could lift wights.

The man showed the officers backstage. They disappeared out of sight. 

“Heinz I don’t like this.”

“Course you don’t.” 

I stepped away from the crack, and he made his way out. 

“Heinz!” I tried to keep my voice low, but the irritation was there. My heart was thudding as I
slipped out to go after the detective. We’d be in the soup together. 

I could here the group talking. “You men have any explanation for this?” 

“A boy found out late last night said that his friend had been kidnapped. We were told to check
out this opera house for him.”

“Well, he is not here officers. I don’t know how he could be. The boy is obviously mistaken.” 

“Yes, well, we’ll still looking about anyway. Just to clear this mess up.” 

“Of course.” 

Heinz headed away from them into another side room. I was close behind. Here was where
the fella must have slept. There was an unmade cot against the wall. Costumes and show
equipment littered the area. 

“Hard times have hit this place hard.” Heinz remarked. They've been doing a few shows trying
to keep this place going.”

“Why is that important?”

“You’ll see Lane. I’ve now got a stable connection. If it pans out, I just might crack this case
wide open.” 


DUN DUN DUN, The story is getting deeper. But really I'm just making this up as I go.

How did you like this part? 
Do you have any theories? 
Tell me bellow! yes I'm somewhere down there......


  1. Something about stalking old theatres screams Phantom of the Opera and sinister activities. The place itself lends to a prompt word all of its own. Perfect foil for the intrepid Heinz. Shows to keep it going or a mask to hide criminality? Loving this continuation even if I don’t always have time to comment! I’ll add your story into the main BB post shortly. Rather intrigued now to find out what the stable connection is!

    1. Oh yes! I think it would be a good prompt. Good question! We will have to find out. :D
      Thanks Gary!

  2. Nice bit of intrigue going on here. I could identify with Lane when he was nervous about leaping to the other window and creeped out over prowling through the opera house. Much of the imagery was easy to visualize. I confess getting a little lost when the officers came on the scene as to whom was doing what, but was able to get it sorted out. Nice installment - I am looking forward to what happens next!

    1. So glad you could relate! That means a lot to me! Oh, I wasn't for sure if I was explaining that part clear enough.

  3. Guess what? The new prompt is out now so come on Heinz...let’s see what this Stable Connection is ha, ha!

    1. Ok awesome! Haha, yes, it will be interesting!

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