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Blank Mastermind Book Release Tour

Rosemary is releasing her awesome book, Blank Mastermind! So excited! It will be out December 13th. Read my post than go see her awesome blog writefury.
Okay this a short scene from Blank Mastermind enjoy, then go get her book.

No pressure.

But really.

One more thing...  I thought this was kind of a cool place to introduce some of the other characters.By the way Wolfgang is the narrator, a guy with amnesia; a mastermind who doesn't want to be a mastermind.

A short scene from Part 4 Going for a drive....

“Introduce me to the gang.” I adjusted the mirror so it focused on the car behind
us. It was still a ways back, but I could make out general outlines if I squinted.
“Ho boy.” News took a quick look over his shoulder, then looked forward and
rubbed his hands together. “Roy’s the kid driving with the toothpick in his teeth. Spiky
hair and sunglasses. You see ‘im?”
I nodded.
“He’s usually sort of the assigned getaway driver, since he’s the best at ignoring
speed limits. Been driving since his foot could reach the pedal without breaking the
moisture seal on his diaper.” Bad News pushed his hat back a little. “Correct me if I’m
wrong, but I think you’ve known him the longest?”
I wasn’t really in the position to correct anything, so I kept quiet, filing away the
information on the person in the driver’s seat behind us. The car started to veer a little
and I looked back down, correcting course. I pressed down a little harder. Give us a little
more time.
“Liza’s the one with turquoise hair in the passenger seat,” News continued. “She’s
the main mechanic. I mean . . . you do quite a bit too. She works out the plans and stuff
I moved my gaze to the head of turquoise hair. Quick to make judgments, but it
didn’t seem like that brightly colored of hair would usually top a brilliant mind.
“Mechanic for . . .?”
The giant didn’t seem to hear me. He glanced over his shoulder again. “Chris is
the older guy with the cowboy hat. He . . . talks to you and shoots stuff and swears a lot, I
Oh yippee. Sounded like a productive role.
“And Cardboard is the little girl with the orange shirt and the big hair.”
It took effort not to veer the car off the road while I stared at the dark-skinned,
tiny child in the rearview mirror. The oldest she could possibly be was seven.
“Is there . . . a reason she’s named Cardboard?”
Bad News shrugged. “She’s Roy’s kid. Roy likes naming things weird. And he
found her in a dumpster marked ‘Cardboard Only’, so he thought it would be pretty funny
to name her that.”
I looked over the faces again as the car got closer. The hotshot getaway car driver
. . . the turquoise haired mechanic . . . the sour-faced cowboy . . . and the little girl named
after a packaging material.
That wasn’t counting the elephant-sized enigma named Bad News in my
passenger seat.
And I was supposed to be their leader. Only I had amnesia and would kind of . . .
rather not be a criminal. Which left me the task of trying to convince them not to kill an
innocent teenage boy I’d already shot once.
Look up “predicament” in the dictionary. I’m pretty sure you’ll see some
reference to this situation.
Holy. Freaking. Smoke. I’ll have a mutiny on my hands. I’ll get Dallas killed. I’ll
get me killed. What am I doing . . .?
My head pounded and I tried not to hyperventilate. Think . . . there’s got to be
something to do . . .
Roy pushed his sunglasses up on his forehead and waved, pointing to the side of
the road.
Out of time.

Out of time, yes he is. What will happen? Can Wolfgang figure it out and not get killed?
I loved reading this book on Rosemary's blog, now it is revised and soon to be out to buy. Can't wait for it to come out!


Here is her bio:

Rosey Mucklestone is the oldest of nine crazy kids and the daughter of two awesome parents. She lives with her family and two dogs in Missouri, spending her time writing, reading, baking and waitressing. Topics she’s passionate about include: the ocean, the Bible, mountains, fandoms, stories and characters in general. She’s never gotten amnesia and doesn’t plan on it, but life is full of surprises, so who knows?

You can follow her on Pinterest and Instagram, and on goodreads.

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Go buy now Kindle Preorder link

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  1. Looks fun! Will check out her blog soon ;)

  2. Oh my word, this book sounds awesome! *scurries over to writefury*

    1. Yay, glad you think so! Be sure to check it out on Amazon too. On the thirteenth you can buy it.


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