Sunday, September 20, 2020

To Conceal ( WIP Short)

 #blogbattle we are back with another short from my WIP. Yes I know I'm just giving parts, but that's because I might publish the story someday.

I had some fun writing this part, course I had to sneak in the word conceal for the monthly Blogbattle word conceal. 


My mind came up with no answers, no pictures, no memories.  

If all this was a dream, if all the life before me had been a dream, I wish I would wake up now. And live my normal life again, not stuck at Colter's house, not running from everyone. I felt like I had gotten myself into this mess, but the memory of how didn’t surface. The questions didn’t add up and the answers were few and hard to read. If only time would reverse. If I could just tell my younger self to not be so bold. What it would end up accomplishing. I felt stuck between a time frame of someday and never. Someday I may get out of this or I may never get out of this in this timeless mystery. My death might be the only thing that made me free. It wasn't something that made one feel glee, but rather one would say more like despair. A rather nasty heartache that left one feel hopeless. 

I knew I was dwelling on it too much. I had to keep moving. Keep myself focused on the things at hand; however bleak they can be, one only had the day, soon it would work out. I hoped. It was a hope and maybe a prayer, if anyone was listening. 

I opened my eyes and rose from my dreary self. I went into the bathroom and tried to calm my hair that had been fuzzed up even though it had been in braids and I washed my face looking at my hazel eyes, I hadn’t put the contacts back in. I don't know if it mattered. No one was looking for me, alive that is, and no one was expecting to see Felicity Jones alive. They thought I was Frances Walker or Cirena. 

How could I get my identity back? Why was everything concealed between a misconception? Lies. Someone was lying. I just had to find out who. Another question could be added. Where was the real Frances Walker?

She would most likely be lost by now. Would I forever be stuck in that girl's shoes? No, the truth would have to come out eventually. Even if someone badly wanted it hidden. 

To conceal a matter? Didn’t that sum it all up. Isn't’ that why I was here? Because of a matter that someone wanted hidden?


Hope you liked it :)

What do you think of this part?

Do you have any theories?

Tell me bellow! 


  1. Oh, I like it!! All of the snippets that you share make me more curious!

  2. Ooh, very mysterious. I like it. :)

  3. Ooh, I think this is becoming even more convoluted than I originally thought. Her wondering about these different people is giving me a kind of body thief or quantum leap feel ... somehow she can change identities, and not necessarily by choice? At least that's my theory, and I'm intrigued!

    1. Interesting theory! I will say it's not fantasy... But things are quiet concealed.... ;)


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