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Retrieve Book Tour/ Spotlight

Hay lovey people today I am doing a extra post this week because of this cool book that is coming out. I get the lovey opportunity to spotlight this book. It's going to be bight!

When I saw the cover I thought it looked like awesome book! And the quote "Prince of Persia Meets Mulan Adventure story" It made me really interested! So here I am with another book tour.

// About the book //

Retrieve (The Stormer’s Trilogy #1)
By Sarah Addison-Fox

What if the job you took to stay alive might be what kills you?

Kade knows what it is to suffer. He knows what it’s like to lose everything and everyone around him.

His job in a Stormer Unit guarantees not just his survival in the decimated country of Azetaria, but his sister Meg’s. Even if it means facing the Numachi warriors baying for his blood, he’ll do what it takes to keep her safe.

Hadley is alone and surviving the only way she knows how. By hiding where predators won’t find her and scavenging enough just to keep her alive.

When desperation drives Hadley to search for her missing brother, she mistakenly accepts the offer of recruitment into the Stormer’s camp, only to be partnered with Kade and sent as a scout into Numachi territory.

The intimidating young Stormer may just know where her brother has gone. But can they stay alive long enough to find him?

About the Author 

Bio from Goodreads:

Sarah Addison-Fox is a New Zealand-born misfit who writes action-packed fantasy with a smattering of punch ups, mega amounts of romance and a dash of family values.


Twitter: @saddisonfox

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Looks like some fun stuff!

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Parts from the book...a little taste of the adventure

Kade moved so he was crouching alongside her, his eyes still watching the entrance to the alley. “I’ll give you a minute to rest, then we need to move, we’ll only get one chance at this.”
White hot fear flowed through her as she gaped at him. “We’re still going to get the princess?”
Kade angled his head so she could see the hint of blood dripping from his nose. “We have a job to do. We have to adapt. No matter what happens, Stormers get the job done.”
"I need you to say something to them. Act scared, and don't say anything else no matter what happens, got it?"
Hadley's grip tightened around his waist. "Whatever you say."
Kade exhaled slowly, his eyes locked on the shapes, now plainly heading directly towards him. There was no doubt now. They were warriors, and they were on horseback.
He glanced at his forearm and grimaced as he made out the ink beneath the smear of green he’d forgotten to reapply. The snake coiled around the blade visible should anyone get close enough to look. And they would look. They always looked.
Release day is December 26!

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I really enjoyed this book! I think the end was my favorite. I also learned some writing things.
Last few things there are some suggestive content and a few bad words but otherwise it is clean. If you want to know more ask me below.
What do you think?
Do you like Mulan or The Prince of Persia?
Tell me bellow.

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